Slow Living

Slow Living, two words all over technology and something everyone is banging on about (apart from Brexit) 🙄. Chances are if ones taken a photo for ‘slow living’, then one hasn’t really had a ‘slow moment’.

The only way to really achieve this is to down all techno (that includes snapping on your phone). No phone is the biggest and first way to start to slow down! Not constantly checking Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and emails will at first give you FOMO (fear of missing out…. Yes it’s actually a thing), but after one has managed for a whole day it gets easier to do. Taking a photo to demonstrate slow living is also not living slowly 🙊 (may get in trouble for that one).

Switching off really is one of life’s great pleasures, it’s indulgent and it’s allowed! There are days when I put the phone down, no blogging & no IG. During this time life returns to what was once normal for me, (I was 18 when I got my first phone and you couldn’t even text on it let alone take a picture, and as for apps…. What on earth). I realise I’m showing my age now (37🙈). 

So what do I do to slow down? Other than the phone, I drink my weight in tea! Tea is a wonderful healer. I catch up with my favourite mags, weather permitting I love to get out in my cottage garden and do a bit of weeding, potter in the greenhouse and pick some blooms for the house. Then I bake, usually lemon drizzle cake as its my daughters favourite. If there is still time I will sit in the studio and paint. Not once do I photograph this private, slow pace, it’s for me, and that is what makes it slow. Me time.

When the hubster gets home we take Purdey (our beagle) over the fields to try and tire her out, we never succeed in this- she’s only 6 months. But it is so relaxing, I love to see the ever changing hedgerow and sky’s. I could stand and stare for ages at the swallows swooping and listen forever to the pretty sound of the skylark.

Round the day off with a glass of wine and Monty Don and that’s what I call a slow lived day 😉

Try it, you’ll love it!



3 thoughts on “Slow Living

  1. This made me spit my tea out with a giggle. I’m pretty new to both IG and have started writing an interiors blog, mainly for myself tbh!!! Good job as don’t think anyone is reading it! Initially I found it all very overwhelming as everyone is taking pictures (amazing ones), showcasing their amazing lives and talking of this calm and quiet moment they are experiencing. FOMO kicked in big time. Then I thought well if I was having a quiet and calm moment and the most amazing time then I wouldn’t be posting to IG that’s for sure!!

    I’m with you, tech off, time in the garden and a bit of simple mindless tv to follow with a glass of wine!

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    1. Ah thanks for reading! Blogs and ig can be so much fun if you can manage to not take it all too seriously.
      Just stopped by your blog, thoroughly good read!


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