Keeping followers on Instagram.

Hello everyone,

I’ve been meaning to do a little post on this for a while now, and it seems an ever increasing topic of great debate.

Normally people post on how to get followers on Instagram, not how to keep them. Here is some info and my tips for growing and keeping followers engaged.

Firstly- beware of third party apps! They are a huge problem! Only last week I was looking for an app that would schedule my pics on Instagram, I thought it would be nice to be able to still post out of hours so all my followers from across the globe could see my pics without scrolling through for ages. The apps I came across (& I can’t mention names as their data may change) were very sneaky indeed! On both apps when it got to the part about access photos, location and so on, at the bottom of the list it said this- permission to follow and unfollow accounts 🙊 Well naturally I declined the apps, I didn’t want to end up following random people without my choosing, and as for unfollowing my people 🙊 Need I say more?! Be very vigilant, make sure you read the small print!

That aside now, here’s some advice for keeping them engaged and following.

*Be yourself, yes we’ve heard that many times but it’s oh so true! Chances are your followers joined because they like you and your pics, I’m actually urging you not to follow trends (I go on a lot about this I know), trends- well they are trends, and we all know they do not last!

*A little bit of everything never hurt anyone! People love to see a mixture! Endless Flat Lays as pretty as they are do get boring. But a mix of what you are up to, maybe what you’re working on, what you’ve just bought… And a flat lay- then the whole thing becomes more engaging!

*Be nice! It’s only polite to reply to people when they have taken the time to leave you a comment! Don’t ever take this for granted, people do not like to be ignored.

*Follow people back, but only if what they post really appeals to you! If they are starting out and do not have much of a following but you like what they snap, then follow them. Also it sometimes takes a while for someone new to Insta to find their mojo, you may not want to follow straight away as they are not posting what you like to see, but every time they leave you a comment, hop over to see how they are getting on, you may be surprised, they’ve probably found their Insta voice!

*Lastly, have fun with it! It’s all just a bit of fun in the end, don’t take it too seriously. Stay vocal! Instagram is one huge community of creative souls all sharing their stuff. People post because they want to be seen, it’s give and take, make sure you put as much effort into supporting your following feed than you do your own posts and you won’t go far wrong!

Hope this helps!

Emma x

P.S I also just love to flick through the discovery bit too! Big cup of tea, curled up somewhere warm, bliss!


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