Instagram Filters & Fashion Police.


So I’m doing a food photography course with Make Light at the moment, and naturally we’re all over each others Instagram accounts asking for tips, advice and swooning over everyone else photography skills. A fellow student touched on an interesting topic today about Instagram filters. Now i’ve read so many peoples views on this over the past six months and, while I don’t boast of having a gazillion followers on IG, I do have a fair few which I think is enough to share my opinion.

So here goes… Instagram has its own fashion police!

After spending years of worrying what to wear, does one keep up with fashion blah de blah, I think we’ve finally stopped worrying over it and have learnt to wear what suits us, hey we all have our own style right? Now why aren’t we preaching that in our Instagram accounts?


Here is my little bit toward inspiring you to keep to your style, there really is room for everyone!

*Who cares if you like vintage yellow filters, everything does not have to be white! I’ve read so much lately about not using Instagram filters at all but, opening up another app to make your photo as white as white. Is it just me or is this beginning to sound like an advert for Daz? Can you still get Daz? That should so be the name of a white filter!

*It’s ok to wear rose tinted specs! If you really love a pink ashby then that is great! If you love it, then the chances are millions of others will too! And hey it will be refreshing to see!

*Overexposed… Who gives a monkeys- one could argue its artistic! I’m guilty of this one, It drives my father nuts as he was a wet film photographer and they were not brought up that way. I love very bright photos! I don’t care if they are sometimes unrealistic, they can be very pretty and that is what counts.

*Sometimes I like to use the edit tools in Instagram first, like shadows, sharpen & brighten, then play around with some filters on the top and just bring them right down so I have maybe a hint of a filter on there.

So basically all I’m saying, is ignore everything, and do what you think looks nice. This is also my best advice for keeping and building followers. Stay true to what suits you and you can’t go wrong.

I am completely guilty of having gone off the rails a bit too. And now my IG has come back full circle, I’m back to what suits me, and my followers are somewhat relieved as they didn’t sign up to curated white gallery in the first place ;0)



*I’m so over moody photos, I’d like to see what you’ve taken without squinting.

*Sure everyone loves a flatlay, but real life is much more interesting!

Emma x


5 thoughts on “Instagram Filters & Fashion Police.

  1. Totally agree that we should all use the filters we are most happy with and not just the ones currently in fashion. You can see from my feed that I don’t do white flat lays, they don’t suit my style. For me it’s all about colour. I feel if we’re not careful we’ll end up with this “corporate” style feed where all the photos look the same … Bleached out and a little on the dull side!

    And anyway, your photos are always gorgeous! Xx


  2. I LOVED this Emma! You speak as a true artist! And you just can’t set all these rules and boundary for the eye of an artist! There is beauty in the white white pic’s of Instagram, the super bright colors and moody dark food setups too…I was thinking I should have more of a theme with my IG page but you have inspired me to just keep doing what I have been doing. Now I am going to go find you on Instagram and follow you!


  3. Thank goodness!! I get so fed up of people telling other people what they can and can’t do, I use filters when I need to to make my pictures look fresher and the whites whiter and sometimes I just don’t because I know that particular picture doesn’t need it. At the end of the day people follow you because they like your images and if they don’t then they unfollow you. Simples!! Isn’t honesty fabulous? xxx

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