Food Photography and Styling course with Make Light

So I’m incredibly excited about the new course I’m doing, online food and photography styling hosted by Emily Quinton of Make Light & Catherine Frawley.

I’ve been a fan of both these lovely ladies for a few years now and follow their beautiful Instagram accounts that are always full of beautiful and inspiring images!

So after the initial meet n greets on a closed Facebook page we were set our first assignment. 

I had fun this morning playing with my camera and setting up a little area in my home to work from.

Here’s a couple of shots- one is of my set-up, the other is my subject taken on my big DSLR

I love to use my iPhone all the time but I soon realised that the big camera just captures food beautifully.

Emily did say that natural day light is best for food, and I really think having a proper lens wide open makes the most of this shot.

Another thing I’m realising is my food photography style. I just love those dramatic moody shots that are so fashionable right now, but they simply are not me. When I take foodie pics now, the lighter the better! I love bright dreamy like pictures with lots of white.

I hope to add to my baking props over the next few weeks so that I can really tell a story with my recipe shots and hopefully inspire you to make some of my recipes!



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