Instagram perfect- Don’t sweat the small stuff.

So I am utterly addicted to Instagram! Who isn’t?! I love photography and pretty moments plus it fills my need for creativity all the time. But when did everyone become so obsessed with curated galleries?

I use my Insta to share what I’m doing now! So you can always tell what season we’re in and what the weather is doing. I hope it’s a feed that’s full of life & interesting.

A while back I did start to swoon over some beautiful curated galleries, it was a bit like having a real life gallery in the palm of my hand. So many carefully curated still life’s & styled shots. So I followed these and naturally followed the style for a while, I think it’s only human to compare a little and try new things.

I have to say this- I got bored ha. Now please don’t think me rude, but honestly, how much time wasted when there are so many great moments to capture in life just passing us by. Let’s get out more and stop sweating the small stuff! There are only so many ways you can arrange stuff on a table and then what are you going to do with all those props? Yes, guilty of that one too- twined scissors anyone? 

So for me it got boring quite quickly, I stopped before I lost my dear followers. I knew I’d lose like minded Insta pals, the ones I started out with because, I was losing interest in styled accounts and dare I say it…. Unfollowing them 🙊

I love now to see a natural account full of people’s homes & gardens, what they’re growing and making, where they go on their travels- it’s interesting and easy to relate to. I love seeing snips of kitchens and pretty living rooms, plus what’s cooking, hell I even like the occasional glass of vino shot- it’s like having a drink with friends!

I hope my little rant hasn’t offended anyone, but simply inspired to be oneself and enjoy the simple things! Everyone loves to see that!


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