Super easy elderflower cordial recipe.

Elderflower Cordial Recipe.June 14 — Emma Connolly

This elderflower cordial recipe was handed down to me by a dear old friend, the extra ingredient really makes this cordial taste the best, honestly, I’ve never had better! 

 You will need 25 elderflower heads washed and dried. 1kg sugar. 1litre water. 3 lemons. 25-50g citric acid powder. 

You will also need a large glass or plastic bowl. A jam muslin. Sterilised bottles.  

 This recipe takes two days for the best results but don’t let that put you off as its so easy! 


Pop the clean elderflower heads in a large glass/plastic bowl (not metal), and add the zest and juice of three lemons, try and get the best quality lemons you can find, pick them up and smell them- they should smell amazing! 

Over a low heat, put the water and sugar in a pan and stir until all the sugar has dissolved (don’t let it boil), then remove from the heat and pour over your elderflowers. Pop a clean tea towel over and leave to steep overnight.

The next morning strain the heavenly mix through a jam muslin into a clean bowl, you can use a sieve but a muslin works best, make sure you don’t squeeze it though or your cordial will be cloudy. Now for the magic ingredient… Try your cordial, you may like it, but it may be a bit too sweet. If it is too sweet add 25g of citric acid powder and stir until dissolved, taste again and add more if necessary. 

Dilute with still or sparking water to drink. 


p.s you can buy citric acid powder from chemists. 

p.p.s I’ve just made jelly with mine. Will pop it on the blog later! 


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