Elderflower Jelly Recipe.

Elderflower jelly is so simple to make and is just perfect for a summer alfresco party!

You will need elderflower cordial (see my former post), 1pt of water and 8 sheets of gelatine. Plus a pretty jelly mould. I bought mine from a vintage shop, but silicone ones are fine.

First soak the gelatine in cold water for 5 mins then squeeze to remove water.

Fill a pan with a pint of water and add the gelatine, heat and stir slowly till all the gelatine has dissolved, make sure it doesn’t boil.

Stir in a good glug of elderflower cordial (I used about 350ml).

Pour into your mould and refrigerate overnight for best results.

To turn out be very patient! Flip the jelly onto a plate and just leave it to gently fall out, don’t force it, it can sometimes take 5 mins to gently peel itself from the mould.

P.S add a dash of gin or something bubbly for an extra kick!


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