From blogspot to wordpress

Yes, I started on blogger! So why did I switch?

Formerly The Vintage Good Life blog started its humble beginnings a while ago now back on blogspot. It really was a case of first come first serve, not to sound old… But it was either Blogger or WordPress.

Blogger won me over with its very pretty customisable themes and its ease of use, I didn’t feel WordPress was… Well it just wasn’t pretty enough, not to mention I couldn’t faff with the layout, and blogger has such cool themes for a small price over on Etsy, anyhoo it all seemed like a no brainer.

So why, why did you switch? I hear you ask.

Well, many reasons, the first being a better app structure. I blog a lot on the go, most of my posts are impulsive, and most of my pics are snapped with my phone, I wanted a blogging app that I could use easily on my phone. The WordPress app has much more scope than bloggers and is far easier to use, it just works!

The networking! I love how WordPress lets you reblog from a favourite site at the click of a button. I also love that it has like buttons which blogger doesn’t have, both these things are great for building relationships with fellow bloggers, hence more of my posts get seen. may have simple themes (even the paid ones are simple), but sometimes simple is best! I had a lady say to me about my blogspot site ‘It’s very beautiful but how do I work it?’

Drop down menus & organisation! Ok you can now have drop downs on blogger but quite frankly they are a faff. WordPress makes it easy  with drag and drop placement of categories, tags & links, plus it’s easy to make sure links open on a separate page, something every good blog should do! It’s so frustrating when you’re reading a blog- click on a link- that opens in the same window, and what you were reading previously has gone.

I did have a debate with myself about self hosting on, but as I blog for fun, at this moment in time I felt it would of been a waste of money, but never say never šŸ˜‰


2 thoughts on “From blogspot to wordpress

  1. Congrats! I’m getting head around at the mo! I have to admit it’s very different to blogger but I am going to make the switch! I did move my domain on Monday but realised I need a few nights to figure it and moved it back! Your side looks lovely. ..Samantha


    1. Thank you šŸ˜Š, ooo let me know how you get on with the self hosting. I didn’t feel quite brave enough šŸ™Š Lovely to hear from you, let me know when it’s all done so I can follow you!


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