How to cut garden roses.

I love growing roses and love cutting them for the home too!

To get the best out of them follow my top tips bellow.

*Always cut roses first thing in the morning when their sugar content is at its highest.

*Pick a bloom that’s nearly open but not quite, it should be gently unfurling from the bud, too tight a bud and it won’t bloom properly.

*Cut 1cm above node/or remaining leaf on the plant. This will encourage new roses.

*Strip all leaves (maybe leave top one for decoration), this means all the energy will go into developing the flower. 

*Stand blooms in a jar of water up to their necks somewhere cool and dark for an hour.

*When ready, snip the end at an angle and display in pretty jam jars or whatever takes your fancy. I love to use vintage tea cups!

Lastly, always make sure you use clean secateurs as you don’t want to pass anything nasty onto your roses.


2 thoughts on “How to cut garden roses.

    1. Thanks Jessica, I started when I was 24 ( now 37, don’t know when that happened), and fell in love with a very special rose called ‘Constance Spry’ by David Austin, the scent is heavenly!
      I’ve been adding to the collection ever since.
      Hope you get to grow some soon!

      Liked by 1 person

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