Car booting: My top tips

Fab tips on car boot treasure hunting!


Any vintage-hunter worth their Pareek china tea set will swear by a good car boot sale. It doesn’t take long to discover the best boot sales in your area, the kind of sellers to look out for and the best buys. For newbies though, this type of bargain hunting can be intimidating, so here’s my top tips on unearthing those treasures.

1: The early bird catches the best buys: Car boots start early, I mean 6am early, and that’s when they very best bargains get snapped up. Set the alarm, get their bright and early and you’ll be reap the rewards.

2: Have an idea what you’re after: Every rooky vintage buyer makes the same mistake … We have all bought things we didn’t really want. I have a shed full of tea sets, cup and saucers and glassware that I really should’ve left behind. If you think you can…

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